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Book: "Discover The 5 Treasures For Better Health"

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Journey with Spencer Masterson, as he shares his Discoveries of how to obtain Better Health. He will take you through the 5 simple Treasures that will change the way you look and feel. But, most importantly, you will discover how simple the road to better health really is. Step by step, he will show you the one cause of all the illnesses that are afflicting people today. By embracing these 5 Treasures you will find yourself motivated to rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit. Join Spencer on this journey, and take that first step towards your better health...


Spencer Masterson

ABOUT THE AUTHOR   Spencer Masterson is an herbalist, health and fitness coach, dedicated to natural healing through herbs and other healing virtues. He graduated as a Master Herbalist in 1996 from The School of Natural Healing, founded by Dr. John R. Christopher in 1953. Spencer gives credit to the school and his teacher and mentor, David Christopher, for the education, the knowledge and the wisdom he received. Spencer is the founder of NuLife Herbs, Inc., an herbal supplement company in Salt Lake City, Utah. His passion is to help educate people about herbs and other modalities that can heal the body. When he was a young man, Spencer had health problems of his own. He decided to turn his health around by the following health principles that his mother taught him when he was growing up as a child. From there, his journey to better health has taken him to fascinating places, as he discovered the 5 Treasures. Travel with Spencer to discover these powerful Treasures to live a more balanced and abundant life.

“Better health is a journey!”

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The Beginning of Your Journey

Treasure 1. Live Whole Foods

Have balance in an unbalanced world.

Your body is a Temple, not a garbage disposal.

Treat your body like a Ferrari and it will perform like one.

Eating live foods is like having a bank account.

When you deposit the right foods, the benefits are rewarding!

The kind of food you put in your mouth every day is the key to opening the door to better health and spiritual development. What we eat every day is very much a matter of our habits. Could we have become the victims of our own eating habits? Can what we eat really have such a powerful impact on our body? Why not embrace live foods? You will love yourself for it!

Remember how your mother would say, "Eat your vegetables!" Now we know how right she was. A growing number of scientific studies show that people who eat lots of vegetables and fruits have about half the risk of developing most cancers, compared with people who rarely include these live whole foods in their diet.

Seventy percent of Americans are overweight, out of shape, and have poor eating habits. Why is that? Could it be because we do not have the right health program? Jack LaLanne at the age of 73 said, "I'm as strong today as I was at 20." Like most good health practitioners, Jack believed in eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of healthy exercise, and developing a positive attitude. Eating more fruits and vegetables is an easy way to help decrease fat and control weight.

The government suggests that we eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, and I would say that would be a bare minimum. However, most Americans don't even get that much. No wonder we miss those natural cancer-preventive and weight loss properties. How do you avoid getting sick? Prevention is the best cure.

Everyone bought someone's health program! Whose program are you on? Hippocrates said, "If you are not ready to alter your way of life, you cannot be helped."


Treasure 2. Herbs for Better Health

Let's go back in time for a moment. The medicinal benefits of herbs have been known to man for centuries. The records of Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Hebrew and Chinese medicine show that herbs were used extensively to heal practically every known illness to man. Many herbs contain powerful ingredients that, if used correctly, can help heal the body. The early pharmaceutical industry was based upon its ability to isolate these ingredients, and make them available in purer form.

Herbalists, however, contend that nature provided other ingredients in the same herb to balance with the more powerful ingredients. These other components, though they may be less potent, may help to act as a buffer, giving balance to more powerful ingredients. By using these healing herbs in their complete form, the body's healing process utilizes a balance of ingredients provided by nature.

Our body needs antioxidants and essential nutrients in order to perform and fight off disease, and to function at optimal levels. We all want to feel good, with plenty of energy reserves, and with clear, positive thoughts! Even if you eat a very healthy diet, you still will not be able to consume enough volume of food to get the level of vitamins and minerals to best protect yourself from disease.

Few Americans eat a healthy diet, and that's the primary reason for supplementation. The food on our tables is grown in soil that has been depleted of its nutrients. Farmers use chemical fertilizers that have the three nutrients plants need, but you and I need much more. In addition, our commercially grown produce goes through several processes that rob them of most of the nutrients. Rutgers University reported that today's chemically grown produce has 87% less nutrients. Herbal supplements can help support and improve your health, even prevent disease.

How to Detox Your Body? Your body is a temple, a noble instrument!

What do you do when your car's oil filter becomes clogged with pollutants? You simply replace it with a new filter. What do you do when your colon, liver, kidneys and other filtering systems become polluted? You cannot replace them. You clean and restore them to their unpolluted state! This is done by scrubbing the body's filters with detoxifying products specifically designed to cleanse, rebuild and maintain every one of these filters.

Colon Cleansing - The colon is the body's sewage system and treatment plant. The primary cause of autointoxication is a backed-up, impacted, clogged colon, just as your house would be if all of its sewers and drains were plugged up. Fortunately this condition can be easily remedied by cleansing the colon by taking cleansing herbal remedies and eating more whole foods.

Liver Detoxification - By way of analogy, the liver is the body's oil filter. It traps and filters out all of the blood-borne pollutants, all the toxins dumped into the system from a clogged colon, and all the waste products from cellular metabolism, not to mention all the environmental poisons that we are subjected to daily. When working properly, the liver pulls these toxins out of the blood stream and eliminates them from the body through the colon. To detoxify the liver, use liver herbs for support. A good formula for this is the Colonic & Liver Cleanze formula.


Treasure 3. Exercise

Many people think of exercise only as a way to lose weight or get in shape. Regular physical activity helps us in many other ways as well, clearing our minds and arteries, even fighting off cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research's new report, Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer, makes an irrefutable case for daily exercise. For people who don't get much activity in their occupation or daily lives, and most of us don't, the report recommends 30 minutes to one hour of moderate activity like a brisk walk, cycling or aerobic exercise, dancing, swimming, tennis, or doing yard work, every day.

Ten Reasons You Need to Exercise











Exercise can protect against cancer.

Exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Exercise can help loosen love handles.

Exercise helps lift mood.

Exercise helps to maintain healthy bone and joints.

Exercise can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Exercise may lower blood pressure.

Exercise can boost the immune system.

Exercise can boost self-esteem and confidence.

Exercise can be a fun adventure!


If you ask anyone today, "Would you like to be in better shape?" guess what their answers would be?" Everyone would say yes, but many of us don't do a thing about it. Why is that? As we get older, we may have become so busy that we lost our habit and desire to exercise. All it takes is a "desire and a new habit," Michael Jordan said, "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."

~ For an amazing fitness program try www.fastestfatburn.com. It really works!

~ More effective than ordinary exercise - try the CELLERCISER!


Treasure 4. Water Therapy for your Better Health

Here are seven reasons to drink like a fish:

1. Water fights fatigue.

2. Water improves your memory.

3. Water helps keep your weight down.

4. Water lowers your risk of bladder and colon cancers.

5. Water keeps you regular.

6. Water prevents kidney stones.

7. Water battles a cold.

Like Mother Earth, humans are 75% water. We need plenty of water every day for digestion, elimination, circulation, absorption, lubrication, and temperature control. It is crucial to vibrant health that the water we drink is pure and sparkling clean. All of our bodily processes depend on it, yet the water we drink is being steadily polluted by thousands of toxic substances, from bacteria and viruses to poisonous chemicals added by industry or, deliberately, as controversial medication.

What kind of water is best? You can choose from tap water, filtered, and distilled. Which one out of these three do you think is the healthiest for you to drink? Try drinking distilled water for 10 days and then drink tap water or filtered water and you will tell the difference in taste. Do you need the minerals in our tap water? Here is what experts say:

"The body can use only organic minerals. It is physiologically impossible for your body to use an inorganic mineral. It simply cannot and will not do it. Anyone who knows biochemistry and physiology knows this to be true. It is frustratingly ironic how many people who should know better fail to recognize this simple fact. Your body can no more use an inorganic mineral than your car can run on Coca-Cola. Mountain spring water is not ideal for the human body because it contains inorganic minerals that the human body can neither use nor precipitate out. These inorganic minerals tend to hook up with cholesterol in the system and form a thick plaque in the arteries."


Treasure 5. Rest & Spiritual Nourishment

Take time to meditate! We need to take time to nurture ourselves spiritually and have oneness and peace of mind. What can we do each day to achieve that oneness within ourselves? We feed our bodies with the foods we like everyday. Why not feed and nurture your spirit every day? Just like everyone has a body that is shaped differently, so is our spirit. You can have a well-defined spirit, like a well-defined body. It takes a little exercise similar to exercising our physical body, but more of a mental exercise. The following is a good workout program that may be helpful.

Get up about 30 minutes earlier in the morning when your mind and spirit are clear and rested. Then meditate (meditate about your goals, what you want to achieve). You can come closer to your spirit and become one with yourself and the spirit. Meditation is vital to building up the spiritual muscle, and keeping it tuned up. How often do you take your spirit in for a tune up? Same with our bodies and our spirits, they need tune ups too!

Go to a place where you can relax and be alone. Go into your bedroom and sit or lay on the bed. Go for a walk, to meditate. Think of your goals and repeat good thoughts. Good impressions will come to you clearly or, you can just be silent and listen!

The book, Discover The 5 Treasures For Better Health talks about the following spiritual areas that should be important in your life:

  •  Spiritual goals
  •  The healing power of the subconscious mind
  •  Visual imagery
  •  Sleep secrets
  •  Laugh your way to better health
  •  Music for the soul - a great healer
  •  Personal development books and tapes
  • The power of love and peace
  • The power of fasting


These are the 5 Treasures to Your Better Health and I wish for you the greatest success on your journey to "Discover the 5 Treasures for Better Health."


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