Our mission at NuLife Herbs is to provide superior natural formulas that relieve stress, heal the body, prevent disease and maintain optimum health. At NuLife Herbs we are dedicated to provide high quality products. NuLife Herbs uses only “Organic- Whole Food Herbs” in their formulas, with vegetable capsules.

     The President and founder of NuLife Herbs, Spencer Masterson, is the formulator of these unique herbal formulas. Spencer is a Master Herbalist and author of Discover the 5 Treasures for Better Health. He is dedicated to natural healing through herbs and other natural alternative methods. Received his Masters of Herbology at Dr. John R. Christopher's "School of Natural Healing," he enjoys teaching about herbs and how they can heal the body.

Discover The 5 Treasures For Better Health

"The Doctor of the Future will give no Medicine but will Interest his Patients in the Care of the Human Frame, in Diet, and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease..." Thomas A. Edison

"Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine

Stardardized Herbs vs. Whole Herbs

     Herbs have been used for centuries for treating illnesses, curing diseases, and for maintaining good health. With the rising popularity of herbal medicine, doctors are beginning to realize the benefits of herbs. However, most doctors are not educated in herbal medicine and they have become used to prescribing specific dosages of pharmaceutical drugs.

     Since the chemical properties in herbs can vary from plant to plant, and in an attempt to gain acceptance in the medical community, some herbal companies have standardized herbs. This process involves isolating and extracting the plants active ingredients, then concentrating them. The only problem with this is that now the standardized herb is missing vital constituents and concentrating it can cause it to become similar to a pharmaceutical drug. That is why we have 4 seasons. As the seasons change, so does the chemical content of the herbs. This is for our benefit. A chemical that is prominent in an herb in the spring may be non-existent in the fall. These chemical changes help our bodies to adjust to the seasonal changes. They tell us when it is time to detoxify, when it's time to thin our blood or when it is time to build up for the winter. This is what Dr. Christopher meant by "Live under your own fig tree."

     These modern herbal companies have forgotten the wisdom of using the whole herb without altering it. Concentrating the active ingredients makes the herbal products more dangerous and more unnatural. Besides, the constituents that have been discarded have many healing chemicals and resins in them that are part of the plants healing chemistry. Isolating the active ingredients ignores all of the other valuable ingredients that make the herb work. At NuLife we believe that God is the master chemist and we use the whole herb as nature intended.

The above information on Standardized Herbs vs. Whole Herbs are excerpts from the book, "Discover the 5 Treasures for Better Health," by Spencer Masterson. For more information on this book, click here.